brand introduction
Brand introduction
Jin Yan environmental protection to create a healthy life
   Shanghai Jinyan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2012. It is a supplier of indoor formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other pollution solutions that integrates research and development, production, testing, treatment, and purifier rental. Professionally provide a set of environmental pollution treatment solutions for offices, schools, villas, hotels, government and enterprise units.
The main products are: visible light nano-catalyst series, formaldehyde dissolving enzyme series, deodorant series, fumigation and disinfection series, purifier rental and other various treatment products. The company's series of products are pollution-free and environmentally friendly, and are praised by customers.
The company's products have been tested by authoritative testing agencies and have ...
brand introduction
  • National Class A Construction Qualification
    National Construction Qualification
    Construction qualification of national indoor car interior environment purification and treatment project
  • patented technology
    In addition to aldehyde products
    The construction products all have CMA test reports. You can check the authenticity by entering the number and inspection code.
  • Senior Engineer Team
    after-sale warranty
    Five-year warranty, free re-examination every year, the final payment is paid after the five-year warranty period
  • 20 million life contract
    Stick to direct sales
    In order to provide customers with quality services, the company insists that all projects are directly responsible for the company's operations
products and services
Products & services
Service Process
On-site appointment
Honorary certificate
Test Report
Examining report
  • business license
  • Shanghai TV Honor Show
  • Construction qualification certificate
  • Construction qualification certificate
  • Unit membership card
  • Membership Certificate
  • Member of China Commodity Barcode System
  • Glan Zhaoji Lysozyme 2
  • Glan Zhaoji Lysase 1
  • Grand Zhaoji Photocatalyst 2
  • Grand Zhaoji Photocatalyst 1
  • Grand Zhaoji deodorant 3
  • Grand Zhaoji deodorant 1
Case Highlights
Case highlights
  • Formaldehyde governance for online companies
    Formaldehyde removal in conference rooms
    Office formaldehyde detection
    Formaldehyde removal in the office
    Formaldehyde removal in the office
    Office formaldehyde retest
    Hotel in addition to formaldehyde
    Formaldehyde detection
    Commercial companies in addition to formaldehyde
    In addition to formaldehyde in Beijing
  • Children's playground formaldehyde detection
    Formaldehyde removal in Beijing office
    Formaldehyde testing in Shanghai office
    Formaldehyde purification in office
    Formaldehyde removal in the laboratory
    Formaldehyde purification
    Office air purification
    General manager's office to remove formaldehyde
    Internet company air purification
    Plant in addition to formaldehyde