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Services: Offices, schools, banks, government agencies, villas, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, etc.

Testing agency: Third-party agency re-examines and issues CMA authoritative report. The data is accurate and reliable, and has legal effects.

Our company makes the following guarantees for each governance project:
1. Strictly implement relevant national regulations to make the design advanced and rational.
2. The air quality after treatment reaches the required standards.
3. The project quality is excellent.

Preparations before construction management

1. One week after the completion of the renovation, after the floor is laid and the furniture is moved in, the owner chooses it;
2. Clean the room to ensure that there is no obvious dust on the surface of the treatment;
3. If the items that do not need to be sprayed are stored, the drawer of the interior space of the furniture is emptied and wiped clean;
,禁止吸烟; 4. Avoid using other brands of air purification liquid products and cleaning agents, pesticides, fragrances, etc. indoors before treatment, and prohibit smoking;
5. Cover disposable electrical tablecloths for computers, TVs, air conditioners and other electrical and electronic products.
6. Maintain normal indoor water and electricity supply.

Second, determine the site construction of the treatment plan
按序施工, 1. Prepare tools and products for construction in order .

2.Using Glan Zhaoji lyase to uniformly atomize the light and light places to achieve the purpose of rapid decomposition of formaldehyde.
3, and then use Grand Zhaoji photocatalyst once to achieve a sustained effect.
4. Finally, use Grand Zhaoji deodorant for odor and formaldehyde treatment to achieve the effect of purifying odor.
5. According to the project situation, use ventilation equipment and ozone generator.

Complete the follow-up work
1. Keep the fluorescent light for more than 48 hours to enhance the net odor removal effect of photocatalyst.
2.Open the window and ventilate, so that the room is in a natural state;
3. After the treatment to the acceptance period, the use of cleaning agents, pesticides, fragrances and other products is prohibited;
4. After 7 days of normal ventilation, a third-party agency will come back for inspection and issue a CMA authoritative qualification report.
5, establish a file, do a good job of after-sale tracking and our company's on-site free re-examination registration;
Four project acceptance
1. Our governance projects are inspected and accepted by third-party authorities.

Pollutant National Standard Inspection Method Standard value (mg / m3)
GB / T1883-2002 GB50325-2010
Class I Class II
formaldehyde Phenol reagent spectrophotometry   0.10   0.08   0.10
benzene Gas chromatography   0.11   0.09   0.09
TVOC Gas chromatography   0.60   0.50   0.60
Class I buildings: houses, hospitals, elderly buildings, kindergartens, schools, etc.
Class II buildings: office buildings, shops, hotels, cultural and entertainment venues, libraries, gyms, restaurants, public places, etc.

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