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"Formaldehyde removal in the office" Can you be calm in such an office environment?

Time: 2019-06-09 16:55:43 Author admin

White-collar workers are very proud to work on 9th Saturday and 6th Saturday. Business suits and bags are computer, and petty bourgeoisie life is freehand. Many people are envious of white-collar work, sitting in the office every day, the wind can't blow, the sun can't get sun, neither running nor tired, desk With soaking tea or coffee on it, take a few sips after work to show the little mood of work. But I do n’t know if they are bright on the surface and no one knows the bitterness behind them. Office workers stay in the office eight hours a day. In fact, they have been in such closed offices for a long time, which is harmful to the body. Where is the hardest hit area of the office except for formaldehyde in the Shanghai office? Next, the Shanghai office removes formaldehyde, Jinyan, environmental protection editor to introduce it to everyone.
1. Copiers, printers and computers.
When people walk into an office full of computers, they often feel that the air is unpleasant. After a while, they will have trouble breathing and dizziness. Many people think that this is caused by computer radiation, and the real culprit is actually ozone. Printers and photocopiers produce electrostatic effects in the working state, exciting oxygen in the air to ozone. Ozone has a pungent odor, and it will cause harm to the human body when it reaches a certain concentration, such as irritating the respiratory tract, causing people to have symptoms of respiratory tract stress, such as cough, bronchitis, etc., which may be serious and even cause cancer.
2. Dust.
The copier generates dust that is invisible to the naked eye during work, and the air conditioner allows the dust to spread throughout the office. A large amount of dust is sucked into the lungs, and the damage to the body is obvious.
3. Detergents are widely used in the cleaning of various indoor environments and play an important role in maintaining a good environment.
However, a large number of studies have shown that cleaning agents can release a variety of volatile organic compound irritating gases during use, affecting indoor air quality and personnel health. In addition, some offices allow smoking, which is also a major source of pollution.
For a long time, people lacked a clear understanding of office environment pollution. When PM 2.5 "explodes the table", people always receive various reminders, such as staying indoors and avoiding outdoor activities, but the indoor air quality is sometimes not good. This issue has been ignored by people.
Therefore, as the Shanghai office to remove formaldehyde, Jin Yan environmental protection suggestion that the office must be on the agenda to remove formaldehyde, which has attracted the attention of the majority of office workers. Staying in such a polluted office for an extra day would do more harm to the body.
"Formaldehyde scavenger" Do not raise these kinds of green plants at home, not only will not absorb formaldehyde but will also poison!