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What should I do to remove formaldehyde in the office?

Time: 2019-06-17 10:35:25 Author admin

Now, many company chief executives have devoted themselves to the decoration of the office in order to pursue a “noble and noble” working environment, which not only saves costs, but also makes the company unique. However, in addition to formaldehyde, Jinyan Environmental Protection in Shanghai Office tells you that the commonly used decoration materials such as flooring, carpets, desks and other composite boards have formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances. The industrial paint used contains a large amount of TVOC. Will cause great harm to the human body. However, there are many bosses who have not done formaldehyde treatment. Here, Shanghai professionally removes formaldehyde, Jin Yan environmental protection tells you that after the new office is renovated soon, letting employees move into the new office is actually serious harm to employees.
Because the office is equipped with air conditioners, when the air conditioner is turned on, in order to prevent the cold air from flowing out or to save electricity, the doors and windows are closed, so that harmful gases generated by the office tables, chairs, carpets, leather sofas, etc. cannot be exhausted in time. Affect the health of employees. Today's office workers spend more time in the company than at home, and staying in such an area with severe formaldehyde for a long time is harmful to the body and not beneficial.
So how should we remove formaldehyde in the office?
First, open the window and keep it ventilated for a long time. Open more windows for ventilation, which can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde, which can emit harmful gases in the office and improve indoor air quality. In this way, it can keep employees happy and improve work efficiency.
Secondly, put more green plants in the office, such as green dill, spider plant, aloe, etc. or choose your favorite plant. This will not only absorb some harmful substances, but also decorate the office space, making the office full of greenness and vitality. Of course, the effect of removing formaldehyde from plants is very weak. To effectively control formaldehyde in the office, you need to find a professional formaldehyde management company.
Then, if the office has a fresh air system, be sure to open the fresh air system.
In addition to formaldehyde, Jinyan environmental protection office in Shanghai recommends everyone, just renovated office do not move in immediately to see if there is formaldehyde, if there is formaldehyde, then Jin Yan environmental protection suggest that you must do formaldehyde treatment first.
"Formaldehyde removal in the office" Can you be calm in such an office environment?