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What are the effective ways to remove formaldehyde in the office? is that useful?

Time: 2019-08-14 17:27:29 Author Jin Yan Environmental Protection

As a problem that must be solved in the decoration of a new home, formaldehyde has always been the number one concern for people who focus on quality of life. Speaking of removing formaldehyde, the methods are really various and weird. Some people insist on opening the window to ventilate the air to take away the toxic gases in the house. Others think that as long as more green plants are raised in the home, the Formaldehyde is completely absorbed. So what are the effective methods for office workers to remove formaldehyde ? is that useful?
First, the office space should be placed in an appropriate amount of greening
Place appropriate amount of plants such as spider plant, tigertail, ivy, iron tree, etc. These plants can absorb the corresponding pollutants, thereby reducing the concentration of pollutants in the indoor air. Of course, do not place too many plants. Generally, two or three pots can be placed in a room of 14-16 square meters.
2. Frequent ventilation
Ventilation is the most effective and economical way to eliminate indoor pollution. On the one hand, the entry of fresh air can dilute indoor pollutants, which is beneficial to the discharge of indoor pollutants; on the other hand, it helps to release toxic and harmful gases in decoration materials as soon as possible. For good ventilation, it is best to open the doors and windows to allow air circulation to form convection.
3.Put grapefruit peel and orange peel before the station
You can put some grapefruit peels and orange peels properly in front of the workstation of each employee, which can effectively remove the smell of formaldehyde and harmful gases emitted indoors.
4. Put a few pots of saline in the conference room
Put a few pots of saline in the corner of the meeting room or the corner of the room (don't knock it over), and change it once a week, which can effectively dilute the concentration of formaldehyde in the air. Placing six pots of salt water at a concentration of five-thousandths in the room has the best effect of removing formaldehyde.
Five, use a humidifier
The climate is dry in winter, and the office has been using air conditioners, which will cause humidity to drop and increase dust. Increasing humidity can effectively reduce dust and protect the respiratory tract. Use with porcelain love air purification liquid to remove PM2.5 and purify the air.

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