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Is Shanghai professional formaldehyde removal company useful?

Time: 2019-10-07 18:11:59 Author Jin Yan Environmental Protection

Speaking of removing formaldehyde, I believe many people think of the simple method of opening the window for ventilation. However, if you intend to truly remove the formaldehyde problem in your house, the ventilation time must continue to rise. At this time, we might consider professional companies that remove formaldehyde, but are these companies really effective in removing formaldehyde?
Is a professional go to formaldehyde company useful?
Have you heard of a professional de-formaldehyde company? Formaldehyde cannot be released over a period of time. There must be a long process. When you choose materials for decoration, you should choose materials of good quality. It will be better, but there will still be, it ’s only a matter of size. Do n’t expect too much to remove all the formaldehyde in one go. It is a long latent air killer. Some formaldehyde is still deep after five or six years. .
Mainly to see if its concentration is within the human range.
How are they performing? Generally, formaldehyde removal companies usually use products such as photocatalyst to remove indoor formaldehyde. They will check whether the indoor environmental formaldehyde exceeds the standard before treatment, and make a corresponding construction plan according to the situation. We will first use the photocatalyst to spray the dead end of the house, and make the photocatalyst work by irradiating with ultraviolet light.
Then use the biological enzyme to remove formaldehyde products for formaldehyde treatment again, and finally contact the formaldehyde testing agency to detect the formaldehyde content of the house.
Is it worthwhile for us to choose? Whether it is useful to go to a formaldehyde company depends on its company's product quality and construction technology.
Today there are many companies that remove formaldehyde in the market. We can usually check the company's documents, site, construction qualifications, whether it supports the third-party CMA national certification agency testing, and we can determine whether the formaldehyde removal company is formal and effective by asking relatives and friends, and searching online. .

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