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What are some tips for removing formaldehyde in the office?

Time: 2019-10-15 16:08:54 Author Jin Yan Environmental Protection

A good office environment is of great help to improve employee comfort, sense of belonging, and motivation. For newly renovated offices, indoor air pollution such as residual formaldehyde from decoration will seriously hinder our rapid and safe use. If there is no effective solution, wait at least half a year or even longer. What is the best way to remove formaldehyde in the office? The following are several commonly used methods for environmental protection of Jin Yan:
Window ventilation
Many office buildings are now very closed, and the ventilation environment is not very good, so if there is a condition for ventilation, it is necessary to open the windows frequently to ventilate the harmful substances in the room. However, the release cycle of formaldehyde is relatively long. If the indoor formaldehyde exceeds the standard, ventilation alone cannot meet the requirements, so other methods must be used.
Physical adsorption
Solid activated carbon, which is a kind of physical adsorption, is very safe, although it is harmless to the human body and small in size, it can be placed at will. Disadvantages are easier to saturate and need to be replaced regularly.
Fruit adsorption
Put some coarse fiber fruits such as oranges, pineapples, lemons in each room, they can absorb the smell of paint, emit the clear fragrance of fruits, and speed up the removal of odors
Vinegar fumigation
Vinegar is an acidic substance, which has a weak effect on neutralizing ammonia in the air, but does not react with other harmful components such as formaldehyde.
Plants absorb formaldehyde
Put more green plants in the office. One can decorate the office environment and play a role in beautifying the environment. The other can purify the air. Many plants can also adsorb formaldehyde. A good expert at adsorbing formaldehyde. However, the adsorption of harmful substances by plants is extremely limited, so it can only play a supporting role.
air purifier
Air purifiers have a certain effect on the adsorption of formaldehyde, especially at the beginning, but the principle is the same as activated carbon. After using for a period of time, it is easy to saturate, and the effect will be reduced.
Photocatalyst removal of formaldehyde
Photocatalyst is one of the quicker ways to remove formaldehyde. Its principle is to spray products containing nano-scale titanium dioxide on the surface of indoor walls and furniture materials, use titanium dioxide to catalyze, and formaldehyde in the air under light. Harmful substances are decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. There are also many classifications, such as photocatalyst wood essential oil, leather dealdehyde aldehyde care solution, etc. can be used in different places, lasting long, without secondary pollution.
Therefore, for enterprises, when they move into a new office location or after a new renovation, they must perform indoor air detection in the new office area. If the formaldehyde in the office exceeds the standard, it must be treated in a timely manner.