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Is formaldehyde management company reliable? What methods can remove formaldehyde?

Time: 2019-10-28 15:49:05 Author Niutu Network

In terms of how to deal with formaldehyde, professional formaldehyde processing companies have become a new choice for people. But for professional formaldehyde detection and processing companies, can they really remove formaldehyde in terms of formaldehyde removal? Then let's focus on this issue together.
Is formaldehyde management company reliable?
What about formaldehyde treatment companies? The main processes of general formaldehyde treatment companies are to first use physical high temperature accelerated release technology to accelerate the release of 80% of formaldehyde, etc., and then use gas capture decomposition technology to effectively remove 90% of formaldehyde, etc .; Formaldehyde is broken down into water and carbon dioxide.
Can they remove formaldehyde at the source? The next step is to use dead-end blocking technology to block unprotected plates such as bare boards to achieve non-release conditions, and then continue to purify negative oxygen ions through photocatalysts, nano-long-term protection technology Decompose the remaining traces of formaldehyde in a timely manner, and disinfection and sterilization of professional air purification equipment can effectively remove various bacteria, viruses, mites and so on.
How can we treat them? At present, the formaldehyde treatment companies all conduct on-site investigation and pollution assessment, and then formulate a treatment plan to confirm the plan and sign an agreement to treat the construction and re-inspect the customer to confirm. They will also enter the after-sales service system, so it is still very reliable. Of course, the selection of qualified formaldehyde management companies can not be ignored.
What methods can remove formaldehyde?
What are the methods to remove formaldehyde? In the decorated new house, some well-adsorbed materials are placed, such as activated carbon, Yeguang mud, diatomaceous earth and other internationally recognized materials that can be used for physical adsorption, which can release formaldehyde and other decoration materials. Adsorption is also very effective for the removal of formaldehyde.
You can refer to this method. All kinds of chemical formaldehyde removing potions and photocatalysts on the market belong to this category. Due to the reductive nature of formaldehyde, chemical reagents or photocatalysts are used to oxidize and decompose formaldehyde. Such methods are more used in engineering construction, require professional operations, and are likely to cause secondary pollution. Ordinary families recommend careful consideration.
Usually, if it is an individual family, the best way is to open the window and ventilate, and put some activated carbon, Ye Guangmu, diatomaceous earth and other adsorptive materials in the home for adsorption, which is basically enough. If it is a factory, a construction project or a large public place to remove formaldehyde, it is recommended to find a professional treatment agency to use ozone fumigation or chemical potions to treat it, which is basically the case. It is also a good choice.
With regard to the problem of excessive formaldehyde, I believe that everyone must now have a relatively comprehensive understanding and understanding. When removing formaldehyde, you can consider a professional formaldehyde treatment company to deal with the phenomenon of formaldehyde exceeding the standard, I believe that this can bring you a very good experience.

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