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Find a professional formaldehyde removal company in Shanghai

Time: 2019-11-14 17:08:10 Author Jin Yan Environmental Protection

According to the survey results of relevant professionals, almost 90% of newly renovated houses will have formaldehyde exceeding the standard, and 30% of them will be seriously exceeding the standard.
So how do we prevent ourselves from being harmed by pollutants such as formaldehyde? The professional formaldehyde removal company will explain it to everyone!
In fact, among the many pollution sources that affect home air quality, formaldehyde is basically the most powerful, especially when families move into new homes and buy new furniture when the room temperature is high, formaldehyde is like an invisible "killer", without knowing it Will affect our physical health.
The statistics of household environmental testing in various places show that the situation of formaldehyde exceeding standards is rising. The average rate of formaldehyde exceeding standards in newly decorated houses nationwide has reached 69.7%, a significant increase from 60% five years ago. Removal of formaldehyde has become a problem that new families must pay attention to.
Formaldehyde treatment
For the necessity of removing formaldehyde, many consumers have a misunderstanding that there is no obvious pungent smell in the room, and the harm is naturally not there. It should be known that the volatility period of formaldehyde is generally 3-15 years, which is a long-term volatilization process. The release rate of formaldehyde will change with the change of temperature. As the weather warms and the temperature rises, the volatilization rate of formaldehyde will change. Faster and faster, the degree of indoor pollution will become more serious.
In the past, people often adopted "traditional methods" such as postponing check-in, opening windows for ventilation, placing green plants, activated carbon, and grapefruit peel to remove formaldehyde.
In this regard, relevant experts said that "window ventilation is indeed a more effective way. It can be effective in half a year to about a year, but it also needs to take into account the weather, such as sand and dust, haze and other weather conditions. It ’s not suitable for opening windows. The placement of grapefruit peel merely covers the smell of formaldehyde and does not really remove formaldehyde. "
Experimental data shows that the volatility point of formaldehyde is 19 ° C, and each time the temperature rises, the indoor formaldehyde concentration increases by 0.4 times, and the average winter temperature is lower, and the volatilization of formaldehyde is not very active, and almost all are stored in building materials. In summer, the temperature rises and the formaldehyde is released more violently, and the concentration will exceed three times the normal. With the rise of air temperature, the release of formaldehyde is getting faster and faster. To prevent indoor air pollution in advance, choose the most suitable indoor formaldehyde treatment method.
In this regard, the best way we want to completely remove formaldehyde is to find a trusted professional formaldehyde removal company to do formaldehyde treatment for us. After the treatment, we can live in it immediately.

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