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`` Formaldehyde scavenger '' Precautions for removing formaldehyde from wooden floors

Time: 2018-12-22 09:04:56 Author admin

In order to be able to move into a new house quickly, many families will try a lot of methods to remove formaldehyde. In order to move in as soon as possible, we are very aware that living in a new house is everyone's dream. Now it is no matter whether we have just bought a new house. It is still an old house that has lived for decades. People in the online community will choose to renovate the house. This is because people have improved their lives and have requirements for the quality of life. Therefore, most families say they will choose to renovate the house they live in. So when we renovate the house, we may ventilate it for a while, and then live in it. We are not very concerned about the removal of formaldehyde in the back. In fact, this is incorrect. Because housing pollution is very serious now, it is also very harmful to human health.
`` Formaldehyde scavenger '' Precautions for removing formaldehyde from wooden floors
If people stay in a room with a high concentration of formaldehyde for a long time, it will lead to a greater response of pregnant women, and there may be signs of miscarriage at the hospital, and if it is more serious, it may lead to congenital diseases and even stillbirth. Not only pregnant women, but also the elderly can have huge signs that will lead to increased aging and disease. If it gets worse, it will directly turn into cancer. This is not only for the elderly and pregnant women, it is harmful to everyone, but the harm to the baby is even more terrifying!
Method for removing formaldehyde from wooden floor
1. Believe not to move in immediately after the renovation, you should open the window to ventilate, everyone is very clear, but in the process it is best to continue for 3 to 6 months.
`` Formaldehyde scavenger '' Precautions for removing formaldehyde from wooden floors
2. You can buy formaldehyde-removing sprays or barreled formaldehyde sealers in the building materials market to treat the surfaces of woodware, flooring and furniture after painting. But after all, it is a chemical product.
3. After decorating the house, you can put a few pots of cold water in the house and leave it in the house for a period of time. Due to the nature of formaldehyde in water, it can reduce the irritating odor of formaldehyde. However, only free formaldehyde is easily soluble in water.
4. Activated carbon can be bought on the market. Everyone knows that activated carbon is an effective substance for adsorbing toxic and harmful gases. Put the activated carbon bag on each corner of the room. The adsorption of activated carbon is easy to saturate, and it must be replaced regularly, otherwise it will easily cause reverse pollution.
`` Formaldehyde scavenger '' Precautions for removing formaldehyde from wooden floors
5. It is best to raise some green plants at home, not only to make the home full of natural activities, but also to help reduce formaldehyde content. Among them, Chlorophytum and Aloe Vera are one of the powerful weapons against formaldehyde. However, the adsorption of plant formaldehyde is not very strong.
6. With more than ten years of experience in removing formaldehyde from Xiaobian, it is recommended to find a professional authority for testing and treatment. We all know the superposition effect, which means that the indoor pollution source is not only the wooden floor. It is undoubtedly the best choice for the professional health management for the health of the family. Can "Shanghai Formaldehyde Removal Company" oxidant effectively oxidize formaldehyde to carbon dioxide and water?