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Are there any good ways to deal with formaldehyde in Shanghai Formaldehyde Testing?

Time: 2018-12-27 09:35:40 Author admin

Formaldehyde, also known as antaldehyde, has a chemical formula of HCHO or CH₂O. It is a colorless gas with a special irritating odor. Formaldehyde has a melting point of 92 ° C and a boiling point of 19.5 ° C. It is easily soluble in water. The aqueous solution is called formaldehyde, which is also commonly known as formalin.
The sources of formaldehyde in indoor air are as follows:
Are there any good ways to deal with formaldehyde in Shanghai Formaldehyde Testing?
① Artificial boards such as plywood, blockboard, medium-density fiberboard and particleboard for interior decoration.
② Furniture made of wood-based panels. In order to pursue profits, some manufacturers use unqualified boards or use inferior glue when bonding veneer materials, and the formaldehyde in the boards and glue has seriously exceeded the standard.
③ Various other decorative materials that contain formaldehyde and may be released to the outside world, such as wallpaper, chemical fiber carpets, paints and coatings. These decorative materials will use a large amount of adhesive during pre-processing and later installation, which is our commonly known glue. In order to increase the corrosion resistance, the glue must be mixed with phenolic resin, formaldehyde resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, etc. Derivatives of formaldehyde, so after the renovation of a new house, it is not surprising that the formaldehyde content exceeded the standard.
Are there any good ways to deal with formaldehyde in Shanghai Formaldehyde Testing?
So is there any good way to deal with indoor formaldehyde, a friend who has been engaged in the environmental protection industry for many years, gave me a few suitable doorway for removing formaldehyde, and shared it with everyone.
1. Low-temperature airtight ventilation method
The high-temperature closed ventilation method is a very fast method of removing free formaldehyde and latent formaldehyde in the home. The first step is to seal the room, and then place a few electric fans and heaters. The formaldehyde is forced out, and in the future the next day with the ventilation, a few times, you can remove a large part of the formaldehyde in the home, at the same time we also recommend that everyone must pay attention to safety.
2. Install ventilation system
The ventilation system consists of two parts: supply air and exhaust air, which can automatically deal with the indoor environment. Hazardous substances such as formaldehyde in the home can be discharged, and sterilized and filtered air can be brought in. But this system is usually more than 100,000 yuan, which is a good choice for families with good conditions.
Are there any good ways to deal with formaldehyde in Shanghai Formaldehyde Testing?
3. Green plant adsorption
We all know that green plants have a certain adsorption effect on formaldehyde. Since it is impossible to open the window for ventilation in winter, it is necessary to use green plants to drain formaldehyde. In fact, the efficiency of green plants in adsorbing formaldehyde is very low, and sometimes not only ca n’t attract formaldehyde. Will be killed by formaldehyde. `` Formaldehyde scavenger '' Precautions for removing formaldehyde from wooden floors