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"Formaldehyde treatment" After formaldehyde treatment, is there really no formaldehyde?

Time: 2019-01-09 11:44:50 Author admin

There are many people now. After the new house is renovated, they all know that it will take a while to ventilate and remove formaldehyde, but there are also families that have a long window opening and still have a strong pungent odor. The air detection agency, when it is seen that the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, then removes the formaldehyde once, and then detects it, which is generally fine, but is it really the case? After removing formaldehyde, can I really stay at ease? If you think so simple, then you are too naive.
"Formaldehyde treatment" After formaldehyde treatment, is there really no formaldehyde?
First, the general process of formaldehyde treatment
Regardless of whether our home decoration uses environmentally friendly materials, there will be a certain amount of pollution in the interior. Some homes have windows open for ventilation for a while, but some homes are "unfortunate" and have opened windows for a long time. There is an odor. Then, you need to go to the formaldehyde treatment agency to perform formaldehyde treatment (if you don't want to treat it, continue to ventilate and ventilate, just wait a little longer).
First, the detection agency will detect the air in the original room. Generally, the doors and windows will be closed in advance on the first day, the drawers will be opened, and then the next day will be tested;
After the detection exceeds the standard, we need to treat the formaldehyde. Generally, we will use photocatalyst and chlorophyll for treatment; if we use photocatalyst to remove formaldehyde, we need to ensure that the light is turned on for 24 hours;
Then test again a week later, basically passed.
2. What are the disadvantages of formaldehyde treatment?
1. Formaldehyde release is long-term, and no product can control formaldehyde emission for a long time.
The release of formaldehyde is long-term, as long as 3-15 years, but in the later stage, the general release amount is low, which does not pose much harm to the human body.
"Formaldehyde treatment" After formaldehyde treatment, is there really no formaldehyde?
For products other than formaldehyde, they only temporarily control the release of formaldehyde and temporarily decompose the indoor formaldehyde, and then there will be a continuous release of formaldehyde.
2.There is no complete specification for the domestic formaldehyde removal industry
When you say that there is formaldehyde, there is formaldehyde, when you say that there is no formaldehyde. Many small companies just started a formaldehyde detector and started testing, but are the results really reliable?
According to internal resignation personnel, generally the automatic formaldehyde detector below 3,000 yuan can basically give people a comforting effect, and it can't have actual results.
Many testing instruments on the market do not test in accordance with a unified standard, and some of the cheaper sensor test results will have large errors and low credibility.
The more accurate detection method in China is to use phenol reagent spectrophotometry for detection.
3. Testing and governance are the same company, it is difficult to make people credible
Have you found that most of the testing and governance are the same company, then the problem is coming. If this company wants to make money, it must be the first time the test is over the standard, and then the governance, after the governance, the standard is reached not like this? Did you pass the first test?
Therefore, detection and governance itself are two conflicting projects. If the same person does it, it will inevitably be a little bit tedious.
"Formaldehyde treatment" After formaldehyde treatment, is there really no formaldehyde?
3. So how to treat formaldehyde?
First of all, the test result can be used as a reference, but it cannot be said to represent the true value of the room interior.
If the test result exceeds the national standard (0.1mg / cubic) within 3 times, then no product is needed. The simple thing is to open the window for ventilation;
If the test results exceed the national standard by more than three times, first of all, the materials used in your home decoration are too many. In addition, you really need to use some formaldehyde treatment methods, such as the photocatalyst and chlorophyll treatment methods introduced above. However, it should be noted that these methods of formaldehyde treatment are only alleviating, or in other words, reducing the content of formaldehyde to a certain extent. Remember, no single product can control the release of formaldehyde for a long time. Are there any good ways to deal with formaldehyde in Shanghai Formaldehyde Testing?