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"Indoor Formaldehyde Treatment" How to quickly remove formaldehyde in new houses? What are the effective ways to remove formaldehyde?

Time: 2019-04-08 14:48:53 Author admin

With the improvement of the quality of life, home health is getting more and more attention. Especially in recent years, various reports about home pollution have appeared frequently. It has also caused many owners to worry about home installation but the pollution has exceeded the standard and moved in. Among various pollutants, formaldehyde pollution is the most concerned. This disturbs many people, so how to prevent formaldehyde from exceeding the standard ? How to quickly remove formaldehyde in a new house? What are the effective ways to remove formaldehyde in new houses?
Where does formaldehyde usually come from?
This is a relatively visual classification of the classification and sources of decoration pollution. It is obvious that formaldehyde mainly comes from boards, mattresses, wall decorations and glue. For other pollutants, we will not mention it today, but the general removal method is the same, you can experience it!
How to quickly remove formaldehyde in a new house? What are the effective ways to remove formaldehyde in new houses? Formaldehyde exceeds the standard, there are 5 ways to remove formaldehyde
For home decoration, it is recommended to find a third-party CMA certification agency for formaldehyde testing. Testing and management is a company's test, that is, athletes and referees. This is not accurate enough, so finding a qualified third-party inspection and testing cost is generally It costs 500 yuan per room, so a three-room, two-living house may cost 2,000 yuan for testing. If it is detected that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it should be performed in addition to formaldehyde from the following five aspects.
1. Open the window for ventilation
Opening the window to ventilate is the most effective way to remove formaldehyde. It can promote indoor and outdoor air circulation and eliminate indoor and outdoor pollution. Therefore, do not rush to decorate the house at home. It is best to use it after 3-6 months and move in. After that, open the windows frequently to ventilate, so as to accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde.
2.Photocatalyst air treatment
Photocatalyst is a kind of catalyst. Under the action of light, it can make formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC and other harmful harmless gases to achieve the purpose of removing formaldehyde. So now many management companies will reduce the photocatalytic air sprayed furniture on the surface. There is a formaldehyde degradation effect directly by light, but this method requires a temporary solution that does not affect the complete cure, but only the formaldehyde on the process surface, which cannot completely remove the contents of the board.
3. Biological enzyme air treatment
A biological enzyme is an organic substance produced by living cells. Generally speaking, the protein extracted from plants is sprayed into the indoor air after being atomized by a certain technology to make it fully contact with harmful molecules and destroy the atomic structure of harmful gases. So the enzyme can remove formaldehyde from the air. However, we all know that the period of formaldehyde release from indoor decoration pollution sources is generally 5-15 years. The principle of enzymatic hydrolysis of formaldehyde is to remove floating pollutants from the air, that is, long-term injection in the air can have a certain effect.
4.Air purifier or fresh air system
You can buy an air purifier at home or install a fresh air system throughout the house to facilitate air circulation. The fresh air system itself does not have the function of removing formaldehyde, but the fresh air system can ventilate and remove indoor harmful gases. Improve the indoor air environment to a certain extent and reduce the indoor formaldehyde content.
5. Green plants
There are many articles on the Internet saying that green cumin, aloe, cactus, spider plant and other plants can absorb formaldehyde. This claim is unfounded. Experiments have shown that formaldehyde is harmful to plants. Formaldehyde can react with plant cells and damage plant tissues. These formaldehydes are mistakenly absorbed by plants. In addition, the amount of formaldehyde reacting with these plants is also very limited, which is not enough to significantly change the indoor pollution situation, and the effect of green plants to remove formaldehyde is really small.
The most important thing is that the best way to decorate the house with formaldehyde is ventilation. If possible, you can also install a fresh air system to let the air more current in the home. Therefore, do not immediately enter the life of the house decoration. For 3-6 months, after entering, you should often open the windows to maintain air circulation.

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