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In addition to formaldehyde, what are the phenomena of formaldehyde poisoning?

Time: 2019-04-10 10:52:44 Author admin

formaldehyde! You demon! The invisible killer in our lives!
A professor from Tsinghua University said in the column "The Truth about Formaldehyde": The World Cancer Institute has confirmed that "formaldehyde causes leukemia"! This is both bad news and good news. Because it is not so clear, the citizens don't take it seriously, they are slowly being eroded by formaldehyde, and even take away many lovely little lives in a short time. I don't know what happened!
Of course, this is a serious injury!
So, what are the early symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning?
1. The mucous membrane of the eyes is irritated and there is a feeling of tears.
2. Nasopharyngeal mucosal system is irritated, causing nasal congestion, sore throat and frequent cough.
3, 5 years before the renovation of the new house (not to say that the house will not have the possibility of formaldehyde exceeding the standard after 5 years, but that 5 years should be paid special attention), there are constant colds in the home, you must consider possible formaldehyde poisoning.
Above three points, when not serious, change to a well-ventilated place outdoors, this feeling will soon improve.
4. The child has multiple nosebleeds at home, and the baby is the focus of attention.
5. When living in a new house, I always feel dizzy and drowsy.
6. Although there is drowsiness, it is easy to lose sleep.
7, prone to chest tightness, diarrhea, and vomiting (actually it may be a small phenomenon caused by formaldehyde and decreased immunity).
8, non-close relatives get married, no special working environment (such as long-term radiation, etc.), the child grows into deformity (may be caused by formaldehyde poisoning, but it is too late, after all, deformity is also your life. How many tears shed, you also You have to shed yourself.)
9, pregnant women abortion (most likely caused by formaldehyde poisoning, but not too late, as long as follow-up attention to safety and early protection, both of you can start from 0 and re-create a complete life).
Many consumers can only remove formaldehyde in the decoration of new houses. They can only choose to see formaldehyde or low-cost companies to remove formaldehyde. This kind of foundation is not absolutely reliable. There are too many fakes. They are really safe, effective, and durable. In addition to formaldehyde, really too little too little!
If you want to achieve results, you must find products and services that truly remove formaldehyde. You must choose carefully: make full use of your brain and make a good comparison.
People think that once you read more books, reading seriously now will have a great effect: from propaganda to the characteristics of the product itself, from the conditions required for product characteristics to affect, from conditions to the principle of actual need to remove formaldehyde (it must Studying chemical reaction equations), national authoritative reports in principle, from authoritative reports to report descriptions.
There is also an important issue: if you choose non-long-term products or services that affect formaldehyde removal, so in the months or 1-2 years, the initial formaldehyde poisoning will cause a more serious disease, which will recur. It will be more difficult to cure, and the probability of leukemia death is greater!

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