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   Shanghai Jinyan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2012. It is a supplier of indoor formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other pollution solutions that integrates research and development, production, testing, treatment, and purifier rental. Professionally provide a set of environmental pollution treatment solutions for offices, schools, villas, hotels, government and enterprise units.
The main products are: visible light nano-catalyst series, formaldehyde dissolving enzyme series, deodorant series, fumigation and disinfection series, purifier rental and other various treatment products. The company's series of products are pollution-free and environmentally friendly, and are praised by customers.
The company's products have been authoritative testing organizations, with a test report can be found at the CMA. Stamped with the CMA chapter of inspection reports can be used to evaluate the quality of products, and the results of forensic, have the force of law.
The company has always been to "improve indoor air quality, improve the quality of life," the entrepreneurial spirit and sense of responsibility for the foundation, build the China indoor environmental governance "more competitive" platform, received wide acclaim from customers and the community, customer satisfaction Degree, partner satisfaction, and employee engagement have remained at an excellent level.
Jin Yan environmental protection will always adhere to the "good products, affordable prices and attentive service and dedication to the consumer" principle, the company determined to become the best shape of indoor air pollution control business, with customers to share the beauty of life!

The company's core philosophy
Raise environmental awareness and change the living environment and improve the quality of life, but also your healthy life.

Taking the improvement of indoor environment as our responsibility, we will strive to create a healthy and green life

Business philosophy
Attentive, intimate, careful,
Integrity, sharing, reciprocity.

Service purposes
Fast, professional, safe and satisfying