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After-sale protection
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    Jinyan Environmental promises to our customers:

    从室内污染源头治理,无二次污染,不损伤家居,若有损伤家居原价赔偿。 1 : From the source of indoor pollution, no secondary pollution, no damage to the home, if there is damage to the original price of home compensation.
    质保五年,第一次治理后出具第三方CMA机构的复检合格报告,检测费用由我司全额承担。 2 : Five-year warranty. After the first treatment, a re-qualification report from a third-party CMA agency will be issued. The testing cost will be fully borne by our company.

    在质保期内每年我司安排上门免费复检一次,若甲醛、苯、TVOC中任何一项不达标将免费治理到达标为止。 3 : During the warranty period, our company arranges a free home inspection once a year. If any of the formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC does not meet the standard, it will be treated free of charge until the standard is reached.
    所有治理产品均有权威机构CMA检测报告,均可通过报告编号和校验码在官网查询。 4 : All governance products have CMA test reports from authoritative organizations, which can be queried on the official website through the report number and verification code.

    每个工程建立档案,做好跟踪。 5 : Create a file for each project and keep track of it.