What To Expect With The Nintendo Switch?

If you are following video game news, then you probably know the entire buzz about Nintendo’s latest upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. This is the next generation console that Nintendo promises will revolutionise gaming. If you are looking to buy a new gaming console, and if you are a fan of Nintendo, then you should get a Nintendo switch. While it has not been released yet, announced specifications and other news about this new gaming console had given us a very clear picture of what to expect. Here is what you can also expect from Nintendo’s latest gaming console.

Hand-held gaming

One of the biggest selling points about the Switch is that it is a convertible gaming console. Owners of the Switch can easily convert it from a gaming console docked for home use, to an on the go portable gaming console. You can easily carry around the Nintendo Switch if you want to game on the go. This mobile gaming console, while suited for home use, is Nintendo’s newest generation handheld console. And since Nintendo is widely praised for its line of handheld gaming consoles, many Nintendo fans are optimistic about the Switch.


Despite being a handheld gaming console, there is still a lot of power packed under the hood of the Nintendo Switch. Gamers can expect great graphical performance from this latest generation gaming console. The device itself has a main screen that is touch capable, measuring 6.2 inches. This screen also has a resolution display of 720p. The device also has got a fairly sizeable battery, which has got 4310 mAh. There are also a lot of connectivity options for gamers because the Switch has got USB 2.0, 3.0, and even an HDMI port located towards the back of the console.

Exclusive titles

Nintendo is very well known for its original video game titles, and many fans are also eagerly awaiting the games that Nintendo plans to release for the Switch. There is already a new Legend of Zelda game that is going to be released for the Switch. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to be released for the Switch and WiiU. Gamers can also expect an original Mario game for the Switch. So there is a lot to be excited for when it concerns video gaming titles for this new console.

Differences between it and the WiiU

Many gamers are still unsure of the main differences between the WiiU and Switch. Pricing-wise, they are about the same. However, the Switch has the latest generation graphics on board. So expect a huge bump in performance in gaming when it comes to playing on the Switch. You will not be disappointed in the performance with this new Nintendo console.

The Nintendo Switch is set to be released this March 3. With the release date already so close, many fans are eagerly awaiting the release date. Pre-orders for the Switch are already being offered, and if you are also excited for the latest Nintendo console, you should also think about pre-ordering the Switch for yourself.